I. Major Divisions and Functions



Internal Audit

  • Review and access the internal control system.
  • Conduct audit plans and provide analysis and recommendations.

Accounting, Finance & Investor Relations

  • Plan the corporate financial structure, and conduct fund allocations and risk control.
  • Compile accounting and tax reports, and provide the financial analysis for decision-making.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and keep investor relationship maintenance.

Human Resources Division

  • Plan and execute human resources matters and employee relationship management.
  • Develop and implement personnel policy.

Project Management Division

  • Responsible for overall production and project management.
  • Lead in new product development and technology upgrade in response to the customers’ needs and the market trend.
  • Fulfill the customers’ requirements and maintain customer relationship.

Engineering Division

  • Responsible for the development and design of yacht production.
  • Develop and improve the yacht production on electrical, mechanical, structural and interior engineering.

Manufacturing Division

  • Implement and monitor the manufacturing process and production management to meet each project schedule.
  • Conduct quality control, and improve / enhance the manufacturing process.

Supply Chain Management

  • Responsible for procurement, safety storage, and warehouse management.
  • Develop and maintain supplier relationship management.

Quality Assurance Division

  • Develop the inspection mechanism and monitor the execution to prevent defects.
  • Responsible for after-sale service to tighten the customer relationship.

Occupational Safety Division

  • Plan for on-site occupational safety and health management.
  • Assist relevant divisions to execute occupational safety and health work plan.
  • Responsible for EHS system implement and management.


 II. The Management Team





Johnny Chueh

Devoted in executing guidance of the Board, and dedicated in running the business operations, all to achieve the best interests for the shareholders.

Vice Chairman & President

Kevin Tseng

Formulate mid- to long-term business strategy and execute the development plans.

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Huang

Take charge of the Company’s financial, business, and strategy implementation and supervision.

AVP of Project Management Division

Winnie Huang

Responsible for production, procurement, and yacht projects execution and supervision.

Manager of Engineering Division

Brian Guo

Responsible for the implementation and supervision of engineering processes, drafting, labor safety, and quality assurance.

Internal Auditor

Bassy Huang

Devoted in executing the auditing plan approved by the Board, and timely make recommendation to the management team to ensure the effective risk control.